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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

We are an online marketing platform where you can advertise and earn money in the same time, we do our best to help you deliver the best quality traffic so you can succeed in anything you advertise. Our system is simple to understand and use, sometimes simple is more efficient.

Yes you can register from any country and use the our system for free.

User Related

No, you are not allowed to register multiple accounts, trying to do so will end your account in the spam area and it will get suspended without any notice, so why even try? Save yourself some wasted time and try doing that on another website not here.

You are allowed to withdraw a minimum of $2.00 and a maximum of $500 at one time every 8 hours. You can only withdraw to the processors you have balance, for example if you have money in BTC you can withdraw using BTC.

The minimum purchase of credits is worth of $10 and it should be available in your account instantly or in case of BTC & ETH taking a few hours until the transaction get passed & approved.

It's simple, you purchase advertisement credits, for that you can earn up to 130% return on any purchase made, daily you will earn an amount no higher then 2% as a passive from total purchases of website, you also earn beside that daily you earn $0.001 for every click made on your ad from the users ( to boost your earning you can purchase featured advertisement to be in top of the ads page so more people click your ad ) and also you will earn $0.0001 of your referral clicks on the ads, these earnings from clicks will also be added to your purchases so they can faster reach 130%.

Advertisements Related

You can advertise any website that is not related to illegal, abusive or any relations to forbidden material, other than that go ahead and boost your website or your referral links today! You won't be dissapointed by the results.

Yes, credits will be returned to your account.

Referrals Related

You can earn up to as below:

  • 1st tier: 5% from purchases
  • 2nd tier: 3% from purchases
  • 3rd tier: 2% from purchases
  • 4 ~ 20: 1% from purchases

Beside that you also earn $0.0001 when any of your referral click ads

By default only 1st tier of your referrals is unlocked, in order to unlock more referral tiers you have to pay $20 for each referral tier you unlock