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Terms of Service

By registering an account to Sanox you must agree and understand all terms and conditions, by using our website you agree with the terms stated below and you understand that any modifitation to the following terms can happen without any notice making your responsability to check and revise it.

1. Members

1.0. Every member is responsible for the security of his account. Only the owner of the account knows the password and is stored in an encrypted version on the database so we suggest you not sharing your password with anyone. The account's email address should only be available to the owner of the account. We do not bear any responsibility for a hacked account that has been hacked because of the owner's lack of caution. A new password can be generated if the old one has been lost by following the Lost Password section in the Login Page.

1.1. All members need to be over 18 years old

1.2. Each user is entitled to only one account per IP address and computer, the same is valid for payment processor accounts. Breaking the rules will get all your accounts suspended without any notice.

1.3. All data entered on the website need to be valid and correct

1.4. If you do not use your registered account for more than 30 days, your account will be suspended and removed without any notice.

1.5. Accounts or details cannot be passed or sold to other persons or third parties.

2. General

2.0. Any attempt of hacking or breaching the page code will be noted and user account will be deleted.

2.1. Any attempt to use softwares or any other option of seeing the ads automatically it is forbidden.

2.2. Before making the automatic withdrawal the account will be checked by the system for irregularities.

3. Payments to members

3.0. In order to withdraw you need to choose on of the payment processor you have balance with, the payment will be sent to the account you entered if the account is wrong we hold no responsability for lost payments due to wrong accounts.

3.1. Payments are instantly made to your account

3.2. Minimum withdrawal is set to $2 and maximum to $500 every 8 hours.

3.3. Any attempts of returning the amount will be ignored and will not be added back to the user accoun

4. Payments to Sanox

4.0. Sanox accepts payments made only through the mechanisms available on the site. Any attempts of sending payments directly to the website account will be ignored.

4.1. All payments are non-refundable as you purchase a service.

4.2. Minimum purchase is $10

5. Advertising

5.0. All advertisements need to be approved and checked before they are allowed on the website.

5.1. We accept all websites except those breaking the frame, sites with more than ONE pop-up, with viruses and suspicious code, pornography or illegal content, redirect to another page, offering selling of drugs, weapons, inciting to hatred and violence.

5.2. The administration reserves the right to refuse advertising of the website without giving a reason.

5.3. As a member you are able to view each advertisement once every 24 hours.

5.4. Ads from See Ads section refresh at midnight (server time) which is visible on the members account page.

6. Liability

6.0. You agree to recognize Sanox as a true advertising company which shares its revenues, and not as any form of investment of any kind. A purchase of advertising service with us is not considered a deposit, nor investment.

6.1. Sanox is not responsible for any delays or errors that are not related to the website or that are beyond the website's owner control.

6.2. Sanox is not responsible for the members' tax return. We are not sharing any member's tax information. Every member is solely responsible for the tax return of the income generated by the website, according to the tax law of the country, the member lives in.

Earning Disclaimer

All earnings that you receive from advertising is not guaranteed and can stop at anytime as long as there won't be enough advertising or funds to be shared as we share all our purchased in advertisements with everyone advertising. Sanox is a true advertising company which shares its revenues, and not as any form of investment of any kind.

If you have any other questions let us know by sending a support ticket here.